Baby Sarah

by: Yin Min Thant
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A cute baby in her age of 10-months old who loves exploring around Stopping Malls, stalls and markets with my parents, as if a city gipsy. I usually wear an innocent lovely friendly smiles on my face to show my politeness and will to be friends as I could yet speak "Hello". I was born in Meikhtila, however, I arrived Yangon in my eight months old last two months ago,together with my Daddy-Achilles and Mommy Ji Ji. Currently, I could show my feelings "Let's hang out", "I am leaving", "I like it", "I am bored", "I am happy", "I feel disappointed", "I love learning"???.Moreover, I love to shake with the English Alphabets' music when they were switched om even if I were in the bad mood. I also love learning English words and listening to Dad's English speaking and Dad's English stories and Mom's introduction words in Burmese. ???May I contribute my heartily thanks for your glancing look in my album.??? I am learning to speak out soonest as I will become fully one year old in March..

You will see my daily progress herein (my photo gallery)…:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Stay tuned…..????



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